Meet The Architect Behind Third + Shoal

Texans take great pride in the beauty of their state, and when it comes to city skylines, Austin has one of the best in the Southwest. To find out what Third + Shoal’s new role will be on the horizon, we caught up with George Blume, the architectural Design Director behind the blueprint.

“People take pride and pleasure in iconic buildings,” says Blume. “People identify buildings with cities.” Blume adds that architecture can become a shining example of the culture and personality of a city.

As an Austin native, Blume is inspired by the spirit of exploration and appreciation for nature in Austin. That’s why Blume and the designers at Gensler working with Third + Shoal are staying true to the outdoor lifestyle that Austin locals love. This way, Blume says, architecture becomes a place to escape the city, like the forest or the beach.

With its location overlooking Shoal Creek, Third + Shoal blends indoors and outdoors to create a true ecosystem for work and life. In addition to interactive outdoor amenities on almost every floor, the building features three 4,000-square foot outdoor terraces boasting views of Shoal Creek, the South Congress Bridge, Ladybird Lake and the Austin hill country. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows keep the interior light, airy and open.

With surroundings like that, it’s no wonder more people are moving to Austin each year as the state capitol continues to grow in popularity. Newcomers are looking to embrace what makes Austin great, and buildings like Third + Shoal are maintaining the Austin way of life while taking the city to new heights. 

According to Blume, Austin’s urban environment is evolving to stand tall next to cities like Portland, Seattle, and even Chicago and New York. And that means that living and working in the Austin community is evolving, too. Austin’s New Downtown offers some of the best places in the city to eat, drink, enjoy live music and work out, all within walking distance of Third + Shoal.

“Architecture makes the best of what we do with our lives,” says Blume.

At Third + Shoal, we’d have to agree. Ready to revamp your work life? Visit our website at to learn more about the building, and give us a call for more details.