Working Our Way Up

Today we announce a major update on Third + Shoal’s construction: we’ve finished laying foundation, and we’re ready to start building onward and upward. We spoke with Troy Holme, the project’s leasing broker, about construction progress so far, and what a day on the job is like at Third + Shoal at the moment.

“Building a high rise is a length process and there are a lot milestones to celebrate long the way,” Holme says. “We’re very excited see the ground level come to life and are even more excited to start to see floors going up as they begin to go vertical.”

What makes a skyscraper, anyway? First, to create the foundation, the construction team digs and pours concrete piers, some up to 125 feet deep before laying concrete foundation. Next, every floor is made up of a delicate balance of concrete framework, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and concrete floors. To put it in perspective, Third + Shoal is going to be 29 floors total and 345,000 square feet, with 11 outdoor balconies and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city skyline. Talk about a view from the top!

While we’re building, business is booming all over Downtown Austin. Third + Shoal will be joining an area that’s currently experiencing a lot of significant economic and cultural growth, with new buildings, apartments and businesses cropping up around practically every corner.  We call it the “New Downtown,” and we asked Holme what he thinks the area will be like 5 to 10 years from now.

“With so many new opportunities to live, work play around us, there is going to be a lot of opportunity in this area for companies who become part of the Downtown community.”

With that said, right now is time to get on the ground level of downtown Austin. And by ground level we do mean high rise. With hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops and outdoor parks all within walking distance of our convenient location, a day at the office is more than that at Third + Shoal.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a part of  the Third + Shoal community.