The One-Hour Walk

When looking for a new office space, it’s important to consider the area around the building in addition to the office space. We are extremely proud of our neighborhood, and to showcase Austin’s “New Downtown,” we took off on a one-hour walking tour starting at, of course, Third + Shoal.

Our first stop had us simply walk across Third St. and make our way over to ThunderCloud Subs. This local spot makes one heck of a sandwich. We were in the mood for our favorite sub, the Austin Club. Made with smoked chicken, avocado, bacon, and your choice of cheese, this sandwich is addicting, and we were undoubtedly satisfied with the choice.

Because we’re bike enthusiasts and Third + Shoal will have an on-site bike valet with 200+ bike lockers, our next stop was a no-brainer. We walked about five minutes up Nueces St. to Mellow Johnny’s. We grabbed a cup of coffee and a green  juice at their coffee bar, Juan Pelota Cafe, while the rest of our group checked out their wide selection of bikes and accessories. One of the employees even persuaded us into signing up for an upcoming group ride while we waited on our coffee.

To get to our next location, we walked four blocks to 2nd St. and Guadalupe St. to Toy Joy, a store that is as weird as the city itself. We loved sifting through their eclectic collection of toys, games, and collectibles. This is definitely the kind of place you could get lost in and a perfect spot to find unique items for your home or friends and family members. We even picked up a few games to liven up our office!

After shopping, we were craving a cold beer, so we continued down 2nd St. until we ended up at Jo’s Coffee. Yes, I know the name says “coffee,” but this place isn’t just for that morning jolt of caffeine. Jo’s also has excellent breakfast and lunch selections in addition to ice cold beer! It’s our go-to before work, during office hours for a pick-me-up, or even wind down with a beer when we’re ready to call it a day.

After Jo’s, it was time to head back to Third + Shoal. We made the short 5-10 minute walk back to where we started our journey, and we did this all in under an hour…56 minutes to be exact! All of this and so much more can be at you and your employees’ feet.

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