A Green Work Environment

With Shoal Creek to the west and blocks of attractions to the east, Third + Shoal is building the ideal environment for coworking in the city and coexisting with nature. See how we’re growing into a green work environment, complete with sustainable building technologies and open-air features on every floor. 

Plans for LEED Platinum

According to LEED,  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, U.S., buildings account for 73 percent of the country’s total electricity consumption, and 38 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in America. That’s why Third + Shoal is proud to target LEED Platinum certification, the highest status awarded by the world leader in building sustainability ratings. We’re building a friendly environment with green materials and technologies that optimize water and energy consumption and also decreasing emissions.

Bike Valet + Locker Room

Don’t just bike to work – work where there’s a built-in biking community waiting for you. Take advantage of Third + Shoal’s on-site bike valet, 200 + bike lockers, and showers. If you’ve never biked to work before, now’s your chance to claim a sustainably built office and reduce your carbon footprint.

Outdoor Deck

Step out of meetings and into the great wide open. Third + Shoal features eleven sunny balconies, and nearly every floor features interactive outdoor elements. Just a few minutes of fresh air and sunlight during the workday can relieve stress, clear the mind, and offer light movement and exercise.

Rooftop Break Room

Get to work and get outside on Third + Shoal’s 4,000-square foot rooftop terrace. As if the floor-to-ceiling window views from the office couldn’t get any better, the terrace looks out over Downtown Austin, the hill country and Lady Bird Lake.

If you think biking to work and recharging on the rooftop sounds more like a lifestyle than a job, you’d be right. Third + Shoal is more than a place to work – it’s also a place to play and live. Contact us today to reserve your eco-friendly office space in Downtown Austin. 


The Best Routes to Cycle in the City

Whether you prefer biking to work, riding out over terrain or cruising along scenic trails, Austin has a bike route for everyone. Here’s our roundup of the 6 best bike trails in Austin located near Third + Shoal.

Lance Armstrong Bikeway

The LAB connects the city with 4.6 miles of shady pavement and scenic views running from east to west. Accessible in front of the Third + Shoal building on 3rd Street, LAB is perfectly situated for biking to work, and offers convenient access to downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake. As if it weren’t already the urban commuter’s dream, the city also has plans extend the trail beyond I-35 in the near future.

Shoal Creek Trail

It’s hard to believe you’re winding through the heart of one of America’s biggest cities when you’re riding the Shoal Creek Trail. Follow the creek for views of lush woods and green hills. Stop for a picnic in Pease Park or Duncan Park, two urban parks located along the Shoal Creek Trail!

Butler Trail and Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Locals know that the above-water stretch of the Ann & Roy Butler Trail known as The Boardwalk is more than just a trail – it’s a combination of everyone’s favorite things about Austin: fresh air, stunning views of nature and the city, and friendly folks (and their dogs). The Boardwalk has been bringing the city’s urban community together since it opened in 2014, and Third + Shoal will offer convenient access to this beloved outdoor feature.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is an Austin classic that features many trail paths stretching from Zilker Park to western Travis County. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you breeze by hills, limestone, dense woods and waterfalls. The main trail is 7.25 miles and rocky in some patches, so a mountain bike is recommended. If you’re looking to rent a mountain bike for a day, check out Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop located downtown near Third + Shoal.

Veloway Park

This popular trail is designed for cyclists and rollerbladers. It’s closed to foot traffic, so it’s a safe option for anyone who is new to cycling or simply looking to ride comfortably without weaving around pedestrians. Suitable for bikers of all levels, the 3.1-mile asphalt trail has it all – winding turns, a few hill climbs and satisfying natural scenery, all just a short drive from Third + Shoal.

Southern Walnut Creek Trail

Austin’s original urban trail remains a popular attraction for bikers and hikers alike. The 7.3-mile path is complete with pavement, bridges, and scenic views along the way as you pass by trees, flatland, rolling hills and water. The Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park southern trailhead is a short drive from the city, offering a convenient after-work or weekend escape just north of Downtown Austin.

 No matter where you go to spend time on your bike, start your ride in the heart of Downtown Austin at Third + Shoal. Contact us today to learn more about joining the Third + Shoal community.

The Perfect After-Work Shopping Trip

Here in Austin’s New Downtown, there’s plenty to keep you busy outside of work. In a place as diverse as the Third + Shoal neighborhood, you’ll find both local boutiques and national designers, selling everything from custom-fitted suits to bike gear. Not to mention the charming cafes, bars and coffee shops around nearly every corner.

Here’s a sneak peak at all the stops you won’t want to miss around the office.

Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

Have a sick day with a sweet bike rental from this Austin cycling institution. Bike culture is big in this town, so it makes sense there would be a renowned bike shop located at the heart of the city – the perfect place to start your ride. Shop for gear or rent a bike and take a spin around Ladybird Lake.

Juan Pelota Cafe

After your ride, step off the bike trail and pop in line at Mellow Johnny’s sister coffee shop. Craft cups of joe and a sunny patio make this a great spot to breeze through work or wake up in the morning. Come for the coffee, stay for the latte art that reminds you to  “have fun” in foam letters.


This exclusive boutique for guys specializes in office looks and trendy casual apparel. Get suits and statement pieces fitted in person for the ultimate convenience hack. You’ll want to wear these work clothes through the weekend.

Rae Cosmetics

Update your look with healthy skin-friendly mineral makeup, made locally by Rae Cosmetics. All of the primers, powders and foundations are crafted to stay fresh through the intense heat and humidity of Texas summers, so you can stay cool in the board room and on the running trail.

Royal Blue Grocers

This European-like urban market is a one-stop-shop for sophisticated office catering, breakfast or lunch to-go and everything in between. Crusty bread, wine and good cheese, and beautifully simple sandwiches and salads are all waiting for you. Everything is photo-worthy against the backdrop of bright blue and white tiled floors, marble countertops and stunning floral arrangements.

Surrounded by so much shopping, dining, entertainment and outdoor living, Third + Shoal is the perfect place to work and play for the lifestyle you want. Snag your dream office in our brand new high-rise, opening soon. Visit thirdandshoal.com to learn more.

Meet The Architect Behind Third + Shoal

Texans take great pride in the beauty of their state, and when it comes to city skylines, Austin has one of the best in the Southwest. To find out what Third + Shoal’s new role will be on the horizon, we caught up with George Blume, the architectural Design Director behind the blueprint.

“People take pride and pleasure in iconic buildings,” says Blume. “People identify buildings with cities.” Blume adds that architecture can become a shining example of the culture and personality of a city.

As an Austin native, Blume is inspired by the spirit of exploration and appreciation for nature in Austin. That’s why Blume and the designers at Gensler working with Third + Shoal are staying true to the outdoor lifestyle that Austin locals love. This way, Blume says, architecture becomes a place to escape the city, like the forest or the beach.

With its location overlooking Shoal Creek, Third + Shoal blends indoors and outdoors to create a true ecosystem for work and life. In addition to interactive outdoor amenities on almost every floor, the building features three 4,000-square foot outdoor terraces boasting views of Shoal Creek, the South Congress Bridge, Ladybird Lake and the Austin hill country. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows keep the interior light, airy and open.

With surroundings like that, it’s no wonder more people are moving to Austin each year as the state capitol continues to grow in popularity. Newcomers are looking to embrace what makes Austin great, and buildings like Third + Shoal are maintaining the Austin way of life while taking the city to new heights. 

According to Blume, Austin’s urban environment is evolving to stand tall next to cities like Portland, Seattle, and even Chicago and New York. And that means that living and working in the Austin community is evolving, too. Austin’s New Downtown offers some of the best places in the city to eat, drink, enjoy live music and work out, all within walking distance of Third + Shoal.

“Architecture makes the best of what we do with our lives,” says Blume.

At Third + Shoal, we’d have to agree. Ready to revamp your work life? Visit our website at thirdandshoal.com to learn more about the building, and give us a call for more details.

Working Our Way Up

Today we announce a major update on Third + Shoal’s construction: we’ve finished laying foundation, and we’re ready to start building onward and upward. We spoke with Troy Holme, the project’s leasing broker, about construction progress so far, and what a day on the job is like at Third + Shoal at the moment.

“Building a high rise is a length process and there are a lot milestones to celebrate long the way,” Holme says. “We’re very excited see the ground level come to life and are even more excited to start to see floors going up as they begin to go vertical.”

What makes a skyscraper, anyway? First, to create the foundation, the construction team digs and pours concrete piers, some up to 125 feet deep before laying concrete foundation. Next, every floor is made up of a delicate balance of concrete framework, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and concrete floors. To put it in perspective, Third + Shoal is going to be 29 floors total and 345,000 square feet, with 11 outdoor balconies and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city skyline. Talk about a view from the top!

While we’re building, business is booming all over Downtown Austin. Third + Shoal will be joining an area that’s currently experiencing a lot of significant economic and cultural growth, with new buildings, apartments and businesses cropping up around practically every corner.  We call it the “New Downtown,” and we asked Holme what he thinks the area will be like 5 to 10 years from now.

“With so many new opportunities to live, work play around us, there is going to be a lot of opportunity in this area for companies who become part of the Downtown community.”

With that said, right now is time to get on the ground level of downtown Austin. And by ground level we do mean high rise. With hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops and outdoor parks all within walking distance of our convenient location, a day at the office is more than that at Third + Shoal.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a part of  the Third + Shoal community. 

Get Your Fitness On

We all strive for that perfect work-life balance; but, let’s be honest, it’s very difficult to maintain. When you’re busy, finding time to go to the gym is hard. It’s something that always tends to fall to the back burner when trying to manage your time. Having more choices closer to your office helps when planning your day. Third + Shoal is located right in Austin’s New Downtown and gives you access to some of the best fitness options Austin has to offer. Let’s take a look at just a few indoor and outdoor options that are all within walking distance of Third + Shoal.


For those bike enthusiasts that love indoor cycling, RIDE’s classes give you a fun, fast-paced, high energy spinning class set to upbeat music to keep you moving for 45 minutes. Go solo or bring your co-workers! The classes are great for teams to come together, build morale, and build muscle.

Work on your core at Barre3, a Pilates studio focused on finding balance. Every class works strategically to build strength and flexibility for body balance and improved posture in a soothing environment. At Barre3 classes not only nourish the body, they empower you to make connections in order to lead a more balanced and happier life.

Pure Fitness provides a traditional gym atmosphere that is anything but traditional. With a rock climbing wall, a huge variety of classes from yoga to cycling, and every piece of gym equipment under the sun, you’ll never get bored again.


Third + Shoal overlooks the beautiful Lady Bird Lake, where you’ll constantly see people on all sorts of boats and floats – from kayaks to canoes and paddle boards to paddle boats. Don’t have your own? Don’t worry, there are plenty of places on the lake for you to rent by-the-hour of for the day.

It also features plenty of options to work out, outside. There’s a hike and bike trail, a pitch and putt golfing area, and even space to do an outdoor boot camp or your own personal yoga class.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fitness options near Third + Shoal. Don’t you want the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of? Contact us to find out more information.

Old Downtown vs. New Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is growing at an unparalleled rate and is changing the way people live and work there! This “New Downtown” is really breaking the mold on what a typical downtown area usually has to offer and couldn’t be more different from Austin’s Old Downtown. 

Austin’s New Downtown is becoming much more than just a place to work! Modern conveniences and amenities are popping up everywhere. New construction projects like Third + Shoal are at the center of this transformation and blazing the trail for this New Downtown. Within steps from Third + Shoal you’ll find all new gyms, grocery stores, apartment buildings, boutiques, restaurants, entertainment, and so much more.  Third + Shoal is in the middle of Austin’s New Downtown and is a building designed for the future. Doesn’t that sound great to you?

Learn more about Austin’s New Downtown and how your company fits in by contacting Third + Shoal today.

New Year’s Eve in Austin’s New Downtown

Austin’s energetic New Downtown is the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, so we decided to take a look around the neighborhood and highlight a few spots to ring in the New Year.

  1. A cabaret, music lounge, and terrace await you at Speakeasy. This is a VIP experience for those looking to go all out on New Year’s Eve. That’s right…bottle service, exclusive packages, reserved seating…when it comes to getting the most variety out of an evening, you really can’t beat Speakeasy.
  2. Looking to spend New Year’s in a themed bar? How does one modeled after a 1950’s mid-century airport sound? The Hangar Lounge will host a wristband-only event, giving you access to all three levels, two drink tickets, entry to another local bar, The Market, and a champagne toast at midnight! This living time machine is a great way to celebrate the past, while jumping headfirst into the future.
  3. One of Austin’s tastiest barbecue restaurants is also going to be home to one of its best New Year’s celebrations. Spend the night at Lambert’s listening to live music from Lee Fields and the Expressions as well as a DJ set from Chicken George. Plus, not only will you get a champagne toast at midnight, but they’re also serving up late-night BBQ tacos! Midnight snack AND champagne? Count us in…
  4. If you want free, fun, and family-friendly, look towards Auditorium Shores. Austin’s New Year will transform Town Lake Metropolitan Park into a wonderland of music, art, special performances and of course, Austin’s legendary food favorites. This event will feature four stages, 22 bands, and a fireworks finale at 10 p.m. It’s something you definitely don’t want to miss.
  5. Willie Nelson is about as Austin as it comes. Some even say the icon is the living embodiment of the city. To celebrate the coming year, Willie and family are throwing an epic three-night extravaganza at Austin City Limits Live. Each night will feature performances by Ryan Bingham, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, and even a special appearance by the “real” Father Time Texas and Baby New Year! This will truly be the most Austin-esque event you can attend this New Year’s Eve.

Did we mention all of these places are within a 15-minute walk of Third + Shoal? If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! Find the new home for your business at Third + Shoal. Contact us to find out more information.

Six Reasons You’ll Love Third + Shoal

We are excited to be springing up in one of the best cities in America. There are a lot of reasons why we feel this way; in fact, there are too many to count. While thinking about the great city of Austin, we then started reflecting on Third + Shoal. You may not be familiar with it yet, but we wanted to cover everything we know you’re going to love about our building.

Here are six things you will love about Third + Shoal:

Work + Atmosphere

Settled in the heart of Austin’s New Downtown, Third + Shoal will give you a unique office atmosphere of bringing the outdoors in. Our building has 11 outdoor balconies, including a 4,000 SF floor top balcony that overlooks the Austin skyline.

Work + Life

With the majority of your waking hours spent at work, it feels more like Work = Life.  At Third + Shoal our goal is to make where all those hours are spent more enjoyable.  Vibrant restaurants, on-site fitness, bike storage and direct access to the hike and bike trail, work won’t have to feel like work. 

Work + Energy

Energy is key to Third + Shoal. In fact, we are targeting LEED Platinum on the building, the first downtown building to achieve such a standard. That isn’t the only energy we’re interested in. On top of being near some of Austin’s best coffee shops, our lobby will provide you with the caffeine fix you are looking for.

Work + Perspective

Want a new point of view? Third + Shoal features interconnecting loft-style floor plans that create unique opportunities for all types of companies. How’s that for a new perspective?

Work + Variety

Variety is king around Third + Shoal. The area surrounding our footprint has access to, frankly, an insane amount of restaurant and retail and options. Austin’s New Downtown is not lacking in the options for food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment.

Work + Play

After a long day’s work, it’s important to have a close place to unwind. Third + Shoal provides you with a central hub in the music capital of the world. You are closer to the bars, music venues, and nightlife.

Want more reasons you love Third + Shoal? Check out of the rest of our website, or contact us to find out more information.

The One-Hour Walk

When looking for a new office space, it’s important to consider the area around the building in addition to the office space. We are extremely proud of our neighborhood, and to showcase Austin’s “New Downtown,” we took off on a one-hour walking tour starting at, of course, Third + Shoal.

Our first stop had us simply walk across Third St. and make our way over to ThunderCloud Subs. This local spot makes one heck of a sandwich. We were in the mood for our favorite sub, the Austin Club. Made with smoked chicken, avocado, bacon, and your choice of cheese, this sandwich is addicting, and we were undoubtedly satisfied with the choice.

Because we’re bike enthusiasts and Third + Shoal will have an on-site bike valet with 200+ bike lockers, our next stop was a no-brainer. We walked about five minutes up Nueces St. to Mellow Johnny’s. We grabbed a cup of coffee and a green  juice at their coffee bar, Juan Pelota Cafe, while the rest of our group checked out their wide selection of bikes and accessories. One of the employees even persuaded us into signing up for an upcoming group ride while we waited on our coffee.

To get to our next location, we walked four blocks to 2nd St. and Guadalupe St. to Toy Joy, a store that is as weird as the city itself. We loved sifting through their eclectic collection of toys, games, and collectibles. This is definitely the kind of place you could get lost in and a perfect spot to find unique items for your home or friends and family members. We even picked up a few games to liven up our office!

After shopping, we were craving a cold beer, so we continued down 2nd St. until we ended up at Jo’s Coffee. Yes, I know the name says “coffee,” but this place isn’t just for that morning jolt of caffeine. Jo’s also has excellent breakfast and lunch selections in addition to ice cold beer! It’s our go-to before work, during office hours for a pick-me-up, or even wind down with a beer when we’re ready to call it a day.

After Jo’s, it was time to head back to Third + Shoal. We made the short 5-10 minute walk back to where we started our journey, and we did this all in under an hour…56 minutes to be exact! All of this and so much more can be at you and your employees’ feet.

Contact us to find out more information about Third + Shoal and why it’s the only place for your business.